About Jenn

DSC_7160Hi there! I’m Jennifer M. Durkin, owner and Massachusetts licensed massage therapist of Soothe Massage Therapy in Worcester.

But call me Jenn.  Please.

Ages ago, I studied Psychology at Boston University. Not a whole lot of Freud or Jung stuff.  Neuro stuff.  I love physiological psych. So much so that BU is where I took my first anatomy class. With a cadaver lab.  As an elective.  That’s right: for fun. Because it was a prerequisite for Neuroanatomy (yup, with real brains in the lab).  That was cool. Yeah, I owned (and used) the Human Brain Coloring Book long before it was cool.

Then along the way I entered the IT profession down the data analytics/business intelligence path.  See, I like to solve problems. Break things apart. Look for patterns. Data analytics also gave me the platform to teach. I love to make the light bulb go on for people who might not get it otherwise.

And massage? Massage allows me to combine my love for analytical thinking and problem solving with my interest and fascination with human anatomy and physiology. I received my massage training at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy (BSMT). My training was a blast and continues to be.  I literally can’t wait for my next continuing ed seminar. I have been certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage by MotherMassage®, studied some of Whitney Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage for injury and rehabilitation work, as well as Table Thai Yoga Massage for movement based work and massage cupping to (literally) add a new dimension to my massage. Most recently? I revisited and expanded my CranioSacral training with the Upledger Institute in April 2017. While I am not ready to add that to my services menu just yet, you’ll more about that real soon.

And teach! I rejoined my alma mater, BSMT as an instructor in 2015. I teach massage students Anatomy & Physiology, the Bancroft trademarked Swedish Massage and some of the basic ins and outs of online marketing. Working with students is always a blast, so it’s nice (and an honor!) to be able to formalize and expand my relationship with BSMT.

I am also a wife, mother, avid coffee drinker, recovering-from-injury runner, school volunteer, local small business supporter, Star Wars Geek and Wonder Woman fan. When I am not running around accomplishing life things or running after my son, I enjoy running in, volunteering at or massaging athletes at races.  One of my biggest passions is keeping myself and other people moving. I grew up hearing the phrase “go outside and play!” and I think this is a really cool way to live. (Really…go play.) Massage has helped me stay comfortable and active playing for over 18 years…another reason I decided to provide massage to others.

And OH MY GOSH can we talk about food? I love food. Seriously. When you come in, ask me where to take your friends out for dinner or what I loved best this month in my favorite cooking magazine (Fine Cooking). I could discuss food for hours. Healthy food. Unhealthy food. Food, food, food. Go ahead and judge, but a girl’s gotta eat.

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